Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's about time

It's about time I start posting on this blog of mine....maybe it will keep me out of mischief and then again maybe not. Been surfing the web and found a fun site that is offering some great blog candy. Check out this blog - can you believe it? 10,000 hits in six months! Wow!

Today is NSD and what am I doing???? Hanging laundry, cleaning scrappy room, looking for material I bought to make youngest dd's birthday gift...grrrrr...why am I so disorganized? Is it perhaps because I'm still fighting off the effects of going "cold turkey" off Cymbalta? Yeah, that's it...good enough excuse, huh?

Hope you all are having fun and enjoy NSD!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bit's n' Pieces

It's been a while since my first post....My oldest daughter is working on my blog to make it pretty for me...I love pretty things, don't you? But for some reason she just gets too busy being a new wife that she doesn't give my blog the priority she should! Hmph!

Well, the long (very long) home remodel is close to being over! I'm so excited. The tile man comes today to grout the countertop and then it's finished..and I can clean, decorate and have friends over! The girls have decided we need to have a dinner party, so that's the first order of work after restoring order to this messy little house.

NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) is right around the corner-May3rd. I can hardly wait for Friday because at Scrapaddict we start our 9 day long NSD challenges...Come join us for a time of fun, challenges and prizes..oh, yes, besides the gift certificates the owner of Scrapaddict offers for the winners of the challenges the entire DT (Design Team) has made a delightful little 6x6" album. The album will be posted on the site on Saturday. The winner of the album will be drawn from the names of all the participants in our challenges. We, the DT, wanted a way to show you how much we enjoy having you on the board and being a part of National Scrapbook Day. Here is a link to our NSD the forum you can sign up to participate in any or all of the challenges, read the chatter and find out how you can win some of the other prizes offered. A few of the DT have made other items to offer as incentive prizes for their challenges so you could win several things in the coming days. All prizes are being awarded by drawing so if you participate in any challenge you are entered for the "Months of the Year" DT album. Each challenge you participate in enters you in the drawing for the prizes offered in that check out this NSD forum.

Thanks for reading my blog. I am off to make breakfast and start another day here in the middle of the Green Swamp in Central FL, and yes, it's really a swamp.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Vintage Scrapper

I thought this name was perfect...I'm vintage and a scrapper! I'm writing this at my parents house, where I have been since January 7th of this year. We had quite a lot of remodeling that needed to be done on our house, I'm allergic to fiberglass so I couldn't stay. I did have the option of staying at my oldest daughters but my husband and I decided it would be best if I came to Indiana to stay with my folks and see just how well they were doing up here.....besides it was winter time and I might get blessed with some snow!!!

My dad has Alzheimer's and it's rapidly progressing, add to that the fact that both knees, one hip and one shoulder joint have all been replaced twice in the last 12 years and you get the idea he's having a rough time. I have noticed when the barometer changes or when there is a full moon his attitude changes...he's more confused, cantankerous, and hurts more. It breaks my heart when he says something that is totally off the wall and he suddenly realizes it was not right. How awful to be trapped like that. For the most part he remembers who everyone is as long as you are family and old family friends. I hate the day he looks at me and has no idea who I am.

Today is dh is flying in to Indy to help me drive back home....almost 3 months w/o him or our daughters. We've talked but there is nothing like looking at their faces, holding hand or hugging on them. My girls have all declared they get to nap with me the day we get home....since they are 17, 19, and 21 I don't think we will all fit on the king-sized bed anymore but you never know, maybe we can stack ourselves like cordwood!

I'm excited to have this blog...can't wait to get home and set the house to rights so I can get this designed and have it look just like I see it in my head. Not really sure where this is going but I hope to have lots of tips and techniques to share with other scrappers....lots of ideas for layouts and maybe get some of you to haul out all those vintage pics you have! I want to share canning information with those of you who want to can....I want to be the "older godly woman who helps train the younger ones!" To share my love of the Lord and tell you what He's done for me...sometimes share how He's disciplined me...for He has most definately had times when I've needed it!

So for now I bid you farewell...I'm off to get ready for my meeting at the airport...I'll put pics of that on here when I get them uploaded!



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